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UPPCO Logos Approved for Use (December 2018)

Upper Peninsula Power Company

Upper Peninsula Power Company

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UPPCO In Action/Photo Library


With power poles located in areas where bucket trucks can’t reach, UPPCO line electricians still need to master the skill of climbing wooden poles. A fall restraint system eliminates potentially serious injuries that can occur if a line electrician falls. UPPCO’s team works hard to minimize service interruptions and keep power up and running.

Born In The UP

In 1929, the Copper District Power Company began operations from an office in downtown Ontonagon, complete with a sales floor. That year the CDPC also began development of the Victoria Hydroelectric Project in Rockland. The project was completed a year later. UPPCO’s commitment to renewable energy is evidenced by its continued investment in clean, reliable, flexible hydroelectric power.

24/7/365 Reliability

In the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, UPPCO powers through the toughest weather and the toughest terrain to provide its customers with safe, reliable energy。

An Experienced Team

UPPCO has a dedicated team of 180 employees that have years of experience serving customers。

Opportunities for great people!

UPPCO is always searching for talented, team-oriented people who share our commitment to our community。 UPPCO is an equal opportunity employer that offers a competitive wage and benefits package。

Community Involvement

An UPPCO line electrician sends an unmistakable safety message during Path-to-Ground Training at Camp 911 in Houghton, Michigan. UPPCO is committed to educating the community about energy safety and conservation.

Environmental Stewardship

UPPCO line electricians waited until young osprey had left their nest for the season and then removed the nest from a hard-to-reach pole。 This gave the osprey time to grow and become independent, and avoided potential power interruptions in the future。 UPPCO works with the Escanaba River Association and the U。S。 Fish and Wildlife Service to protect the natural environment of local wildlife。

A Vast Distribution Network

An UPPCO employee works on a transformer that is part of the company’s vast electric distribution system. UPPCO serves approximately 52,000 customers in nearly 4,500 heavily forested square miles in Upper Michigan. UPPCO’s service area is primarily rural, with an average of 12 customers per square mile served.

A History of Service

UPPCO’s roots can be traced back to 1884, with the establishment of the Peninsula Electric Light and Power Company. In 1902, the company was purchased by Houghton County Electric Light Company, which merged with Iron Range Light and Power Company and the Copper District Power Company in 1947 to form UPPCO. Here, Iron Range Light and Power crews repair a line in the Berkshire Location near Gastra school, circa 1930.

24/7/365 Service

UPPCO crews are focused on reliable and dependable electric power delivery every day of the year regardless of weather。 UPPCO produces power at three hydroelectric facilities, has 58 power substations and over 4,354 miles of power lines。 The rugged and rural landscape of the Upper Peninsula has an average of 12 UPPCO customers per square mile。 In all, UPPCO reliably delivers power to 52,000 customers spread out over 4,500 square miles。

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